Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Tree~A Poem

Down behind the big pond, in the back of the field, on the banks of “the gully”, grew a big Mulberry Tree. 

The branches spread out over the dry creek bed and they forked in just the right way to form a perfect reading nook for a young girl. 

It became one of my favorite childhood “happy places.” 

Many days, I walked past the cows grazing and dodged bull nettles and fire ant mounds to spend hours in The Tree with a favorite book.

There are days that I wish I could just climb up into a big mulberry tree with a good book.

I wrote this poem years ago about that special tree.

The Tree

The child out at play
discovered one day,
a beautiful, strong, young tree.
Its branches thrown wide,
a haven to provide
this ship as it rode on life’s sea.

Each time that she came,
the tree was the same;
never once did it turn her away.
A refuge it seemed,
a place to dream dreams;
of castles and lands far away.

Through all life’s seasons,
its doubts and its reasons;
the shelter would bid her to stay.
While all of her sorrows,
the tree seemed to borrow;
and lent of its strength to repay.

Then one day a Saviour
looked on her with favor,
and said, “It was ME all along.
Who held you secure
with love oh so pure,
In arms that were ever so strong.”

“I knew all your fears,
I dried all your tears;
I kept you in times of great strife.
And beyond skies of blue,
there is a castle for you,
Built near the great Tree of Life.”
patti page white

Thou art my hiding place;
thou shalt preserve me from trouble;
thou shalt compass me about
with songs of deliverance. Selah.
Psalms 32:7 

Blessings from Patti's Place to your place.


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    1. Thanks, Becky! I appreciate you taking the time to comment too!

  2. Hey girl! Sorry about your spam issues :( It's frustrating, to say the least.

    I love your poem, it takes me back to my own special tree in the back of our property that I loved to go hide in. :) Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Trixie! It's just one blog that keeps getting the spam and it's several times a day lately. Some mattress salespeople or something, picking up on the mattress freshener blog and it's so bothersome.

      I do love trees! I can still climb one if the branches are low enough to the