Saturday, January 31, 2015

I'm Not Single. I'm Not Taken. I'm Simply on Reserve-Waiting on GOD's will for a mate. Guest Blog by Rebekah Capps

This blog has basically been on hold for the last two months, due mostly to me being so old, tired and just a bit lazy. 

My daughter has graciously agreed to allow me to use her honest testimony as a guest blog today. She wrote this as a Facebook post.

Rebekah is a Southern Gospel Singer/Songwriter. I'm very proud of her GOD given talent and anointing.

I know this article was difficult for her to write, but she offers an honest, open look into how easy it is to make mistakes and how to avoid them.

I hope, as does she, that someone will glean some valuable wisdom from her mistakes and her trials. 

Please enjoy this testimony from my daughter, Rebekah Capps, better known as Bekah.