Thursday, September 19, 2013

Make it in Five Minutes Clothespin Bag

I've been in the market for a new clothespin bag ever since I left mine on the line back when it was actually raining in East Texas. That was when I first realized that my "bought at WalMart" clothespin bag wasn't actually made of cloth, but some sort of paper very deceitfully designed to look and feel like cloth. At first look at the disaster that was hanging by threads and clothespins on the line, I was sure that our new dog had tried to snatch it off the line and tore it to shreds(my sincere apologies, Tank.) However, on closer inspection, the deception was finally realized.

So, I've been needing a new one and I've browsed around online, but I just haven't taken the plunge and actually ordered one. I don't know why it's such a difficult's just a clothespin bag, right?

I've also been needing a new set of sheets for our bed(and you're wondering what on earth this has to do with clothespin bags...hang in there), so I ran across some Shabby Chic sheets that were almost a match to the Shabby Chic comforter set I'd bought a couple of months ago. I just love Shabby Chic stuff, but it's rawther pricey, so when I find a sale, I'm a happy camper!

Anyhoo, the sheets came in one of those sweet little bags with actual buttons and buttonholes, so dreamy! There's no way I'm going to trash that little bag...I am not a packrat, but I know when something can surely be used for another purpose and I was sure that something could!

I've been looking at that little bag for a couple of days now, trying to figure out just what I could do with it when.....BAM! Brainstorm(minimal damage!) What a perfect clothespin bag. All I would need to do was somehow stick a hanger in it. I looked for a child size hanger left over from grandkids, but I guess for once they took their stuff with them when they left. There wasn't one to be found.

Another brainstorm....a pants hanger would work great. I had to find a narrow one to fit the bag. I assembled my "kit"....the bag, the hanger and a pair of scissors!

I suppose I should have taken pictures somewhere besides on the comforter that almost matches the sheet bag, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

All there was left to do was to cut a slit in the flap for the hanger part to fit through.This will need to be stitched, I don't have a machine, I'll do it by hand, but those of you with a machine can do it in a jiffy I'm sure. You'll want to clip the clips in place for a minute to see where the slit needs to be. 

I fit the hanger through the hole. 

I then clipped the hanger clips onto the back part of the bag, you can clip back and front also if you like.

 I have to tell you, it's a mighty cute little Shabby Chic clothespin bag!

Then I filled it with clothespins to make sure it would actually work. It did!

If you have a lot of clothespins and it makes for a heavy weight on the bag, you may have to figure out a way to secure the clips on the bag. I haven't figured that one out yet. I don't know how durable this little bag will be, but if I actually bring it in the house instead of leaving it on the line, it may last a good while.

I have to say, I'm feeling pretty good about my creativity here....

I did this one all by myself!

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