Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Mini Lights

Here's another simple way to use Mason Jars for decoration. Mason Jar lights are just delightful to me! Well, face it...anything that involves a jar is a delight to me.

I made two different sets, one using three blue pint reproduction jars, you know the ones that are being sold these days. That's the set in the picture above. The other set was four assorted shapes of half pints that I had on hand. I am a sucker for those odd shaped jars!

I also used the lids that already have the design cut in them. If you don't have these, you could just punch two holes in a lid opposite from each other, large enough for your lights to fit through.

I used the 20 count battery operated lights, the lights are thin and thread through the holes easily. You can use the regular lights if they'll fit through the holes.

Items needed:

  1. Jars ~ your choice as to number and size
  2. Lids ~ I used the precut ones(see pictures)
  3. Small lights(unless you punch your own holes in the lids and then you can use whatever size you like)

How to:

Assemble your jars, lids and lights.

Jars, lids and lights

Thread the lights through the lids, starting from the top and going down through one opening carefully so you won't damage the lights. Pull the entire strand down through the first lid and start back up through another opening opposite the first. Your battery pack will be outside the first jar. 

Thread lights down and then back up

How many lights you have in each jar will depend on how many lights you have on the strand and how many jars you decide to use. I had 20 lights per strand and this set has three jars, and since I wanted to leave a bit of space between the jars, I put six lights in each jar with one between the jars. Once you figure how many lights you'll want in each jar, go ahead and place the lights inside the jar as you finish each lid and then place the lid on the jar but don't tighten, moving on to the next lid and repeating the process. You won't tighten the lids until finished with them all.

First jar

All three jars done
Once you get the lights in the last jar, go ahead and tighten each lid. It works best to tighten the lids by rotating the jar, not the lid.

Top View

If you're watching closely, you'll notice the jars are turned the opposite of the way I began. That's because I wanted the Ball logo to be in front and it ended up the on the backside once I tightened the lids. No big deal.....the battery pack is just on the opposite end now!

They really are adorable. I chose to put this set on the bench at the foot of the iron bedstead in the kids room(guest room).

They've been benched!

Now on to the second set!

The process is the same, so I'll just post the pictures so you can see how adorable they are!

Four odd shaped half pint jars.

Finished product

Three jars have four lights, the last has five and there are three lights in between, because I needed space to spread them out.

The small ones
The pictures don't really do them justice. They're absolutely adorable. I even added a couple drops of White Fir Essential Oil in each jar for a little scent. You can use any scent you like, the heat from the lights will cause a subtle scent, but you will have to keep replenishing the oil if desired.

I used the clear lights, you could use different colors for different occasions, multi colored for CHRISTmas, etc.

By the way, White Fir is the October oil from the Spark Naturals Oil of The Month Club. If you haven't joined, it's a great deal. See the details below:

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