Monday, July 28, 2014

If GOD Seems Far Away, Guess Who Moved?

Who Moved?

When I saw this picture this morning, it reminded me of a little story I heard many years ago.

A man and his wife were in their vehicle, just traveling down the road.

The wife is sitting on her side of the car.

The husband is behind the wheel, driving. (this is important to remember in this little tale.)

After several minutes of quiet, the woman looks at the man and asks him a question.

"How come we don't sit close together anymore", she asks. "How come you're way over there and I'm way over here."

The husband(who is behind the wheel, and driving the vehicle), looks at her and says simply, "I'm not the one who moved."

Many times we wonder why GOD seems so far away. I have to tell you, HE's never moved. HE is steadfast and unmoveable, unchanging and eternal. If there's distance between us and HIM, then we're the ones who put the distance there.

That being said, we're the ones who have to start moving back in the right direction, toward HIM.

James 4:8  Draw nigh to GOD, and HE will draw nigh to you.

If you feel like you're so far away that you can never find HIM, that's just not true. HE's patiently waiting for you to make the first step and then, as James said, HE will draw nigh to you.

We used to sing an old song, "If you take one step, HE'll take two."

Trust me on this....HE will and HE is so wanting to be close to us. We are HIS children. Don't you want your children to be close to you? Don't you love it when they throw their arms around you and tell you that they love you? GOD feels the same way.

After all, HE is our FATHER!

Dottie Rambo, one of the most well known gospel singers and song writers of all time, wrote a song called That Same Road.

It has a powerful message.

That Same Road

I've been standing looking down a narrow road
Trying to find my way back home.
I've wandered so far from GOD in sin,
But that same road will lead me home again.

That same road will lead me back to JESUS
No matter how far these feet may trod.
Every road sign will point me back to Calvary.
It just seems longer when you've been so far from GOD.

It leads me beside the church where I once worshiped
And the altar where I met with GOD each day.
Why I strayed so far, I'll never understand
But that same road will lead me home again.

Blessings from Patti's Place to your place! Remember, GOD really does love you more than you could ever imagine!

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