Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Miss My Daddy

My daddy, Eulon Adron Page
This is just a little short and, very personal blog this morning.
Maybe there's a purpose in this blog.
Maybe it will help someone mend a relationship before any more time has been wasted.
My mind has been on my daddy the last few days, and how much I loved him.
And the regrets.
Those wasted moments, days and, yes, even years.

I was always close to my daddy as a child. I thought he could do anything and I would go up and down that old Neches River in a little flat bottom boat in the middle of the night and never once do I remember being afraid. I was with my daddy.

This was our little family before those pesky boys came along and bumped me from the "baby" spot. I think my daddy looked a bit like Clark Gable, I think my mother must have thought so too, she sure did like Clark Gable.

Was my daddy perfect? Absolutely not. I spent several years mad at my daddy and basically refused to have much to do with him because I felt betrayed by a certain situation. I shut myself off from him and I missed a lot of precious time I could have spent with him.

No makeup and still in my robe, but one of my favorite pictures.

The breach was eventually healed, our relationship was restored and we grew closer than ever. I was with my daddy again. We were hunting and fishing buddies, even took a vacation together all the way to Yellowstone and Montana a year before he died. I wouldn't take a million dollars for those memories.
We planned more vacations, but it wasn't to be. Daddy got sick and died quickly the following year. The last hours I had with my daddy were bitter sweet. I was allowed some time alone with him the morning he left us, he was in a coma, but I'm certain he heard everything I said to him. I read to him from the book of Revelation, all about that glorious city and that crystal river. I sang to him a bit and then I told him he could go, there were some people waiting for him on the other side and that I would be ok. He took me at my word, and quidkly let go of this world and moved on over to the other side. I know he was so happy to see his mother and daddy and that pesky little brother of mine, John.
I miss him. The hunting camp was never the same, fishing and camping trips to the lake were never the same.
I think about him most every day. I would give anything for one more crappie fishing day at the lake, one more day at the deer camp, driving in to camp with a buck on the back of the 4 wheeler and him being so excited because I got one, or just one more conversation and one more hug. I would really love to hear his voice on the other end of the phone on my birthday and holidays, he was always the first to call.
I miss him.

Daddy, me and the first of those pesky boys, John.

Hold your loved ones as close as you can, you'll wish you had held them closer one day. Enjoy every moment you're allowed, you'll only have those memories to treasure one day.

Blessings from Patti's Place to your place!

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