Thursday, August 6, 2015

Five Favorite Diffuser Blends for those Dog Days of Summer

Are you ready for Fall? I am...temperatures in our forecast are supposed to be up around 110 by the weekend.


The countdown to Autumn has begun!

It's that time of year that I rarely go outdoors. I just sort of hunker down inside and count the days until Fall.

A good diffuser blend helps the mood a bit, it's easy to imagine the crisp smells of Autumn, pumpkins and gold and purple mums on the porch, etc. I've even found myself wishing for snow already.

Here are five of my favorite diffuser blends to help me deal with those "dog days" of Summer.

You'll probably notice that each of these blends contains White Fir, I suppose it speaks to me more than any other Essential Oil for the diffuser. It just takes me to a happy place!

Another Walk in The Woods

There's nothing more peaceful than a quiet walk in the woods. That may not be possible for some, so here's a little blend to bring that peaceful, woodsy feel inside your home.

Harvest Time

The smells of Autumn will fill your home with this combination. This also makes a great room spray, just add these amounts to a one ounce spray bottle topped off with water, witch hazel or even vinegar. For a larger size spray, just adjust the amounts to your amount of base liquid.

Woodsy Winter Day

This is one of my very favorite diffuser blends. The Birch adds a crispness to it that makes your space smell like a cool winter day in the woods.

Highland Morning Hike

Are you wishing you were on a hike in the mountains, headed for a lovely waterfall, or walking beside a mountain stream? Bring a bit of that indoors with this blend.

Calm Rain

A simple combination of calming, balancing Zen EO Blend with the woodsy White Fir can bring the calm of a gentle rain into your home.

These Diffuser blends aren't just for making your space smell good, they will also purify the air and lift your spirits.

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Blessings from Patti's Place to your place!

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