Friday, May 24, 2013

Necessity has always been the mother of invention in my life!

I think one reason I love the DIY world so much is because of my upbringing. I was raised deep in the country of East Texas, about a hour's drive from a decent store(we didn't drive 75 mph in those days). You didn't hop in the car and run down to WalMart every time you ran out of something. My little grandmother was married by the time she was 14, had a set of twins by age 16(lost one at birth), lived through the Great Depression with 5 little girls to feed and she NEVER, EVER wasted anything....EVER! A piece of string...don't throw that away! When clothing could no longer be patched, she took all the buttons off, put them in a jar, and cut the fabric up for quilt pieces. She took old jeans and made bags for the squirrel hunters to carry home their bounty. It was a way of life.

I think I'm digressing....
This blog is supposed to be about homemade dish detergent.

This is the one thing I've not used because I just couldn't find a recipe that didn't turn all gooey on me. My liquid hand soap turned out ok in the beginning, but when I tried to refill my dispenser, the glob in the jar was one long continuous stretch of gooey goo that looked like something an alien had left behind.

I'm not sure who posted this link on Facebook earlier this week, but I liked the sound of it and I especially liked the scientific explanation as to why you don't mix vinegar and castile soap.

I'm just posting her link for you to check it out for yourself. The only thing I added was some green food coloring because I do love all things green and my mason jar dispenser is clear and I always buy green detergent....and it's pretty and green. extra careful handling the jar, if you get soap on the outside, that jar gets awfully slippery. I spilled over half my detergent and had to make another batch. Thankfully, I spilled it in the sink which was filled with dirty dishes, so no big loss....lots of suds though. 

Thanks to Jerica over at  Sustain, Create and Flow for this great recipe.

Find Jerica's Soap Recipe here:   A Recipe for Homemade Dish Soap

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