Sunday, June 2, 2013

See You On The Other Side, My Friend!

The first words I posted on my previous post, Thursday, May 31 were these, "Happy Thursday from Texas."  I had barely finished that blog post when the phone rang.  It was our friend and neighbor saying, "Randy's been in a bad wreck in front of my house."

That Thursday turned out to be anything but happy for us. It was a tragic day. We lost our sweet, lovable, crazy Randy that morning. He was attempting to turn into the drive of his best friend and neighbor. He was struck from behind by a driver who was "distracted." We don't know at this point why he was distracted for .7 mile of wide open highway with his cruise set on 75(speed limit is 70.) He never slowed down before crashing his vehicle into the rear of Randy's. What we do know is that we lost a dear, sweet boy who can never be replaced. He had a special place in all our lives. We are a very close knit community and church family and he belonged to us all.

Randy was "style" personified. The clerks in the department stores knew him by name. He could find a bargain and shop till he dropped. He could make a dog laugh as we say in these parts, he never spoke evil of anyone and he was the most giving, unselfish person I have ever known. He was a good friend to many, an extra brother to my sons and many others, and a son to all us "other parents."

Randy had very bad problems with his back, couldn't straighten up and was in constant pain. Well, no more pain, Randy!

A Facebook memorial page has been created for Randy, if you know him and would like to view it.

In Loving Memory of Randy Yates

Someone had a dream about Randy in which he told them he wasn't dead, he just got tired, closed his eyes and when he opened them, there was a soft, gentle rain falling on him. I think I'll think on this today as we lay our sweet boy to rest. Randy standing in a soft gentle rain, no pain ever again. 

I'm going to miss him, but I'm so glad he's healthy and having no pain this morning, and if it be possible in Heaven, I'm sure there's a new flower bed somewhere already.


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