Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick & Easy Potato Soup

I've never been an advocate of instant anything...potatoes, rice, coffee, etc. However, I have decided I love the Idahoan brand instant potatoes, the ones that come in the little packages where you add two cups of boiling water and they're done.  You know...the ones the kids love so much. They are really very good and they come in several different types, butter and herb, garlic and herb, loaded baked potato, applewood bacon, and a few more. They make a delicious and quick side dish for a rapidly thrown together meal.

So....using this little packaged wonder of a side dish,  I've figured out how to make the quickest pot of really good potato soup you ever's a no brainer really!

Before you throw a potato at me, let me say....I'm know they're not as healthy as those we grow ourselves, but unfortunately we don't always have those.

Patti's Super Duper Quick Potato Soup

(I just made that up, it's really just plain old Potato Soup)

1.) one package Idahoan instant potatoes(flavor of your choice).
2.) about 3 cups boiling water
3.) milk(whole or evaporated)
4.) butter(optional)
5.) seasonings(optional)

In a medium pot, put the package of potatoes.(I like to use the loaded baked potato one).
Bring about 4 cups or more of water to a boil in your kettle.
Now, if you were making the potatoes according to package directions, you would add 2 cups of water, but since we're making soup, you want to add about 3 cups and then add milk until it's as thin or as thick as you like your potato soup. You can use whole milk or evaporated milk, whichever you prefer and add butter and seasonings however you like. This makes enough for two, but it's pretty easy to double. Really, all you're doing is thinning down the potatoes until they're soup. How hard can that be, huh? 

Add any garnish you want, such as bacon, cheese, chives, onions, etc. 

Make it your own!

That's all there is to it! I know, I's not your grandmother's old timey cooked from scratch potato soup, but if you don't have any potatoes or you're in a hurry, it's really good. 

Actually, it's better than you think, I bet!


Who's Neti the Elephant?


Scroll down to the Sinus Missle recipe and see the addition of Marjoram to the mix. This makes a huge difference. The other worked well, but the Marjoram gave it the extra punch I needed for a bunch of junk that had settled in my head and sinus cavities due to exposure to some serious mold in a building.

Meanwhile, back to Neti.....

Well, for starters…..she lives in my bathroom, but she has relatives all over the world.

She’s a Neti Pot.

Let me tell you about Neti the Elephant.

I must confess…..I fought the Neti Pot system for years….I just wouldn’t give it a chance, but that was my loss. I tried the “solution in the palm of the hand and sniff up the nose” option and the plastic squirt bottle. However, once I decided to give the Neti Pot a try, I was sold on the idea. It took a little trial and error to find the right fit for me and that’s why I’m sharing my story with you, to save you a bit of trouble.

Why rinse? There are several reasons, but they all point back to sinus infections and why you need to prevent them. You may be prone to sinus infections due to seasonal allergies or food allergies. You may breathe in pollutants every day that cause you problems. My problem is food allergies and food sensitivity. Sinus infections cause much discomfort and misery to many. My recommendation is to go ahead and buy you a Neti Pot and start with the nasal rinses. It's really not that bad, and the relief it brings is worth any discomfort. I can tell you from experience that the squeeze bottles and sniffing the solution from the palm of your hand just don't do as well as the Neti Pot. I could kick myself for putting this off as long as I did. It has made a world of difference in the way I feel EVERY day!

Now then, my two favorite Neti Pots are the "Neti the Elephant" and the Aromatic Salt Premium Green Neti Pot. They cost between $10-$15 dollars(don't pay more, you can buy them on Amazon for this, but some sellers ask exorbitant prices).

Neti and the Green Guy

A little about these two pots.

I bought the green one first, (yes, because it was green), but the spout was a bit too large and wouldn't fit in my nostril and the solution kept running out around the spout. The spout should fit snugly in your nostril, forming a seal. I come from a long line of small women, and that means that my facial features are smaller than normal too, you need to keep this in mind when shopping for a Neti Pot. So, I got back on Amazon and started reading reviews. I found some negative thoughts on the Neti the Elephant pot about how the spout was too small. Aha! If it was too small for this man and his wife, most likely it would be perfect for me, and it was. What I don't like about this pot is that the opening is a bit small and it's hard to fill without spilling the solution. My recommendation here is to use a measuring cup or something else with a spout of some sort with the Neti the Elephant pot. Also, the handle is not solid inside and you have to be sure and clean it well to prevent bacteria from building in the pot between uses.(more on that later.)

Neti the Elephant

What I really like about the green pot is that the handle is solid and it's easier to clean and the opening is larger and easier to fill…it was just the spout that gave me trouble. This pot now belongs to my husband who has a bigger nose than me...

The Green Guy

The Process

I put mine in a pint mason jar or a two cup measuring cup. I heat it in the microwave for 40 seconds or so, then add the oils and salt and mix. Add half the mix to your Neti Pot and holding your head over the sink, rinse one nostril, letting the solution flow through to the other side, keeping your mouth open. I usually stop somewhere in the process and sniff a bit on up in my sinus cavity, it seems to help more. When done with one side, blow gently through both nostrils and then repeat the process on the other nostril. When completely finished, hang your head down toward the floor and while holding one nostril, blow through the other, then turn your head to the side(if clearing the left, turn your head to the left). Repeat this process with the other side.

Now, you might ask, why do I need to do a nasal rinse? 

I'll tell you why....when you do a rinse, it does just that, it rinses out your nasal passages and keeps that junk from going on up and causing a sinus infection.

Let me tell you how dangerous that can be.

Back in 1992, my then 17 year old son got a really bad headache over the weekend and I tried everything, but he got no relief so I took him in to our family doctor on Monday morning. They did blood work, shot him full of pain killers and sent him straight to the hospital where the neurologist met us. Long story short, he had meningitis which later developed into encephalitis with paralysis on his right side and grand mal seizures before it was over. He had surgery to put knock out some of the dividers in the sinuses and a drain put in. He had grand mal seizures for years after this.

Why did this happen? He had a sinus infection that was blocking his sinuses and somehow bacteria got trapped up above the blockage and as the doctor put it, "had a party."

Now do you see the importance of keeping those sinuses clear? It is equally important however to do the nasal rinse correctly. Always, always use purified, distilled or boiled water and always wash your Neti Pot with hot water and soap when through and allow to dry completely.

Now, on to my favorite recipe for a nasal rinse. I’ve tried several, but this strong one is the one that has helped me most. Rosemary Essential Oil is the best in my book to use in your rinse.

Reader Mary Anderson dubbed this recipe the Sinus Missile. She said if what she had been using was the Sinus Bomb....this had to be a missile. She's goes a long way and packs a punch when it lands.


The Sinus Missile
12 drops Rosemary Pure Essential Oil

4 drops Marjoram Pure Essential Oil(this is a new addition)
4 drops Melaleuca Pure Essential Oil

4 drops Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil
1-2 pkgs nasal rinse salt(I buy the ready made packages) OR
1/2 tsp finely ground pure sea salt(you can grind the salt fine in your food processor)
2 cups purified, distilled or previously boiled water

If you have a really bad problem, and you’re not wimpy, you can add one drop of Oregano Essential Oil, it will burn a bit, Oregano is a *hot* oil. You can also try adding two drops each Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint Pure Essential Oil. This will really clear you up!

I boil about a half gallon of water at a time, let it cool and fill two quart jars. 

I fill a pint jar or two cup measuring cup and heat in the microwave for 40 seconds, add the oils and salt, and mix.

 I pour half(one cup) into the Neti Pot, place the spout securely in one nostril(it should form a seal) and gently let it flow out the opposite nostril. When I've used the entire cup of mixture, I gently blow out both nostrils. Then I repeat the process on the opposite nostril. When finished, I lean my head straight down and holding one nostril closed I gently blow the excess out, then I turn my head to the side and do the same. Then I repeat the process with the other nostril.

If this recipe is a bit too much for you, you might try

2 drops Lavender
2 drops Melaleuca
2 drops Rosemary


1-4 drops Melaleuca
2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Frankincense
1 tsp finely ground sea salt or 1-2 pkgs nasal rinse salt

Happy Rinsing!

Bottom of Form

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dump Chicken Taco Soup

This is my favorite quick meal. 

Favorite because it's quick, easy, filling and so good, especially on a cold winter day.

I keep the ingredients on hand. It’s a very good soup to take to a neighbor who is sick or having some unexpected trouble. 

It takes about five minutes to throw together and about 30 to simmer and let the flavors blend. 

It’s just a good thing!

Dump Chicken Taco Soup 

1 (15 oz) can chicken meat in water, drained, I use the white chicken meat, you can use the mixed if you like. You can also use some leftover chicken from a previous meal if you have it. If you like a lot of meat, add another can, personally I like just the one can per recipe.

2-3 cans chicken with white and wild rice soup(I use Campbell’s, there are some others you might like to use) I have used the red beans and rice soup that Campbell’s makes. 

1 (15 oz) can whole kernel corn(I use frozen whole kernel corn) 

1 (15 oz) can Ranch Style Beans(chili beans)

1 (10 oz) can Rotel(diced tomatoes w/green chilies) 

1 (15 oz) can chicken broth( I use about 1 tbs chicken base and just fill up my soup cans to rinse out all the rice, this makes 20 oz of broth. 

Serve with cheese and tortilla chips or crackers. 

You just literally dump it all in a pan together, add any seasonings you might like, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and let it simmer about 30 minutes or so.

If I fix some for someone else, I always make a double batch so we'll get to have some too!

Make it Yourself Essential Oil Hand & Body Lotion

I ran across this troubling article a while back about the dangers of fragrances in our personal care products. 

I looked at a lotion bottle from Bath & Body Works, and had a little brainstorm(don't worry, the damage was minimal.) I said to myself, "self, we've made everything else using essential oils, this one should be a no brainer."

I drove up to the local Dollar General Store, or as we call it around here, the Yellow Dollar Store. The Red Dollar Store(Family Dollar) is across the highway. 

We're a simple people.

I've been using Vitamin E cream as a base for several things and that was really my plan for this, but I decided to take a closer look at the ingredients in the vitamin E cream and was saddened to see parabens. I'm not real educated concerning the dangerous items in our personal care products, but I have seen this one mentioned frequently, so I put it back on the shelf and commenced to looking at labels. I was just about to get the Vitamin E Cream anyway, since everything had parabens or aluminum(and I really try to steer clear of that), when I saw a 20 oz bottle of skin lotion for just $1. 

It's Perfect Purity brand Advanced Lubricating Skin Lotion, extra-dry skin treatment with no parabens or aluminum. It does have a few ingredients I can't pronounce however. I have no idea how to create a lotion from scratch. I can blend FCO and beeswax for a more solid salve like base, but I was looking for a lotion that would squeeze out of a bottle, so this is the best I've found at this point. It is a bit on the thin side, so if you like a thick lotion, you might find a better base, I'm open to all suggestions!

What you'll need:

1. Your base lotion
2. Measuring cup(two cups or larger)
3. A funnel. 
4. Your choice of oils
5. Bottles to put your lotion in

The little glass dish you see in the picture is what I mix oils in to see how they smell when blended. It's an old restaurant ware butter pat dish. I keep it with my oils for easy use. You'll be surprised how handy it is.

Measure the lotion into the measuring cup, with the amount depending on the size bottle you're using. The regular sized Bath & Body Works lotion bottles will hold one cup of lotion with oils added. My soap dispenser held 1 1/2 cups. This worked perfect because my base lotion was about 2 1/2 cups total. This isn't rocket science, you can just use rough measurements here. 

Now to decide which oils to use for the scent, and I should say that this lotion has a very, very subtle fragrance, as most do, so some experimenting has to be done.  Black Pepper and Geranium blended together smells like carnations, so that's a good one to try. I also like the woodsy scents, like Cypress and White Fir, so that's what I tried first. Lavender would also be a good start, in addition, you might want to use an oil that would be beneficial to a specific need you have.

These were my two recipes:

In the B&BW bottle, I used one cup of lotion, 20 drops White Fir and 10 drops Cypress
In the soap dispenser, I used 1 1/2 cups lotions, 15 drops Lemongrass and 5 drops Patchouli

Add your choice of the oils to the lotion in the measuring cup, mix with a metal spoon and use the funnel to get the lotion into the bottles. It takes a little patience and some banging of the bottle on the table here.

I took an old Bath and Body Works lotion bottle and removed all the labels that I could. I think they weld them on or something. I couldn't get the front label off, so I just covered it up with a large tag. I'm wishing that I had saved all those purse size lotion bottles too. I also bought a soap dispenser to put in the guest bathroom.

Also, you can always just put it back into the base lotion bottle.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. The possibilities are endless! 
As they say, "whatever floats your boat."

I could have made this a very, very short blog and just said, "mix you some oils with some safe lotion and stuff it in a bottle." That's just about how simple it is, but what's the fun in that? 

Have a blessed and happy Tuesday and always remember that GOD loves you MORE!



Thanks to Paula for sending this link....

on how to make your own cream/lotion. This looks fabulous and I'm thinking that if you didn't want to infuse the herbs, you can just melt the coconut oil and the beeswax, let it harden, add the aloe juice and essential oils and blend. What do you think?

My Very Favorite Homemade Essential Oil Deodorant

Since I'm almost to the bottom of the bottle, I decided it was time to tell you about my favorite homemade deodorant. Once again, I have to thank Rebecca over at Camp Wander for her original recipe. She's the blogger queen! Seriously....if you look closely, you might see the tiara on her head!

I know that some don't care for the large 1 oz roller bottles, but I love mine. I've had a problem with some of the roller balls falling out of my smaller bottles, but I'm sure that could happen with any size.  What I do is give mine a gentle shake and keep the bottle as upright as possible, because it comes out a bit too generously at times. There are three sizes of roller bottles, if you're confused about these, here's a handy dandy reference picture from Aroma Tools.

Meanwhile, back to the recipe....

For my large 1 oz roller bottle I use:

30 drops Frankincense
30 drops Melaleuca
30 drops Lavender
30 drops Hawaiian Sandalwood
Top off the bottle with FCO or Witch Hazel or a combination of both, which is what I do, I use about three parts WH to one part FCO, but that's just the way I like it.

I have three different brands and scents of Witch Hazel here....

Thayers Rose Scented, Humphries Lilac Scented and The Homestead Company with Lavender and Roman Chamomile

I have to say that the Thayer brand rose scented is by far the best smelling of the bunch. It actually smells like roses. All three of mine are alcohol free and I'm using the rose scented this time. If you have the kind WITH alcohol, it won't hurt to use it(unless you've just shaved, then it actually does hurt for a few seconds.) Truthfully, if you have a problem with body odor, you might think about using the alcohol based. The reason for this is that the alcohol kills the bacteria that cause body odor so you get a little extra punch there. I know this because several years ago in my pre-EO life, I searched and searched for a remedy for my husband's "BO in the work shirts" problem. I ran across a very simple yet very effective alternative to deodorant, simply cotton balls soaked in alcohol. It worked wonders.

My finished product....

Read Jill Samter's article How I Say NO to B.O. Naturally. It's a great testimonial to the effectiveness of Essential Oils. I added the Sandalwood after reading her article.

I almost forgot the most important part about this deodorant. We all know that breast cancer is raging in our society. Most commercial deodorants contain cancer causing ingredients which are very, very bad. We as women don't need to be smearing these thing all over our glands under there! Frankincense is an anti-cancer agent, which is what we need to be smearing all over those glands under there!

Not to mention that it smells divine!

I strongly urge you to invest in these oils if you don't have them and do this for yourself. There are substitutes you can use, you can use Lemon instead of Melaleuca, put another scent in there you like, etc. but DON'T leave out the Frankincense. To me, it's the most important one in the mix.


Monday, May 27, 2013

My Little Corner of the Essential Oil World

I've so enjoyed all the pictures of everyone's organization of their oils and supplies. I just had to go take pictures of mine and join the party!

I have plans to upgrade to those awesome wooden trays with the adjustable parts, but until then......this is what I do....and yes, my desk needs a paint job in the worst way. In the by and by it shall receive one, but until then....

I store my supplies and tools in my desk, my oils and remedy blends I keep in my room on my dresser away from danger(grandchildren).

Let's start with the desk and the tools. I've taken pictures of most of my stuff, I didn't get the drawer with my labels, stickers, tapes and such. You can just imagine all that clutter....well, on second thought, maybe you shouldn't!

Bottom Desk Drawer

Middle Desk Drawer

Top Desk Drawer

Current Oils

"Medicine Cabinet #1"

"Medicine Cabinet #2"

I've only been in this business for seven months, wherever shall I put it all after another seven months? I can't imagine what people do with all their stuff who've been doing this for years and years. I think I'll need a closet or something, with shelves and drawers...I'm getting a visual!

I'm anxious to hear how you keep your oils. I love sharing ideas!


More Ideas for the Spark Naturals Essential 4 Pack Tin

Rebecca over at Camp Wander is always coming up with the cutest ideas for little kits. She came up with this one, the Summer Survival Kit using the little tin that the Spark Naturals Essential 4 Pack comes in. She so cleverly thought of customizing the foam insert to fit more items into the tin. The possibilities are numerous!

I've been looking that little tin over for about two weeks now, trying to figure out what to do with it, it's just too handy not to use. I finally figured it out. It's so versatile, you can put so many different items, you just put what works for you.

For instance, if you don't have a good carrying case for your sample bottles, you can fit up to 16 of the 5/8 dram bottles in the tin, lying on their side(the 1/4 dram you could stand up I'm sure...I don't have any that size.) It's a tight fit for 16 bottle, but you can make it work.You could put labels on the bottle instead of the lid. If you don't want to put 16 bottles, put as many as you like and fill the other slots up with a 1/6 oz roller bottle, 1 dram dropper bottle, peppermint beadlets, 5 ml bottle of oil, etc. You could even just use one tin for your roller bottle blends, Jeddy's Blend, Sleep Blend, Deodorant, etc.

Make it your own...whatever works for

Here's one idea

Eight 5/8 dram sample bottles, one 1/6 oz roller bottle, peppermint beadlets.

For the lid

I've been wondering what I could use these large butterfly stickers for, you may want to put a pretty hanky or something similar inside the lid.

I'd like to hear some of your ideas about what you would put in this little tin....and thank Rebecca for sparking(pun intended) these little brainstorm ideas.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

I pray you have a happy and blessed Sunday!
Please make your way to the house of GOD this day to worship and thank HIM for all HIS goodness toward us.  Let your path be a shining light that would light the way for others to follow and find HIM and HIS MERCY and GRACE!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

On The Go, Purse Sized, First Aid Kit Spritzer Bottle Blends from Peggy at Essential Living Blog!

I'm borrowing this idea from Peggy over at Caring Oils Facebook Blog and Essential Living. It's just too good not to pass along! I'm really liking the idea and the sound of the blends. This is one you'll want to print out and put in your notebook for easy reference.

Here's what Peggy has to say:

Keep an emergency set of spritzer bottles in your purse and you'll be prepared for just about anything. Dr. Susan Lawton recommended these blends:

Wound cleaning:  Frankincense (3 drops); Lavender (3 drops); Helichrysum (2 drops)
Poison Ivy: Lavender (4 drops); Melaleuca (3 drops); Purify (2 drops)  IMPORTANT! Spritz the rash! DO NOT TOUCH! Leave exposed to air when possible, cover with cotton wrap otherwise.
Burns: Lavender (4 drops); Frankincense (4 drops); White Fir (3 drops)
Rashes: (not Candida related) Roman Chamomile (3 drops); Lavender (3 drops); Bergamot (2 drops)

These spritzer bottles from Aroma Tools are great for purses. When filling the bottles, just add enough to fill 1/3 - 1/2 full. Don't worry about filling all the way.

Another round of thanks to Peggy for sharing this wonderful idea, please pay her a visit at Essential I've got to go order me some of those little spritzer bottles(how did I miss those all this time, anyway.) I've already got an idea how I'm going to carry those around. Two ideas actually. The ever versatile Altoid tin is one idea.

Another idea is an old eyeglasses case. I have my Sports First Aid Kit (got these blend ideas from Camp Wander) in one of those. Can't you just see how perfect it would be for the kit too?

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend and always remember those who died that we might be free!


Friday, May 24, 2013

There's a New Kid On The Block

Just for the record, I love doTERRA Essential Oils, I have nothing against them at all. They are wonderful oils.

However, I don't ever want to be close minded concerning the right for people to choose for themselves. There are other quality Essential Oil Companies out there that I've never been introduced to. I just happened to hear about doTERRA first and liked them, so.....there you go.

My Essential Oil mentor, Rebecca, over at Camp Wander has a thing she says often.

 "It's about the greater good." 

She's a wise woman, she is! She's taken a lot of criticism for opening her heart to a more affordable oil and making it known to her readers. 

I can do no less. Times are hard, times are changing and we can't hold a good thing in our fists and not share, no matter the consequences.

A brand new company has made an appearance in the world of Essential Oils, they are Spark Naturals. I've bought a few of their oils and I just wanted to list a few things that I like about them already.

They are very affordable
They come with cute little stickers already on the tops of the bottles
They are top quality
They smell wonderful
They are safe to take internally
Some of the kits come in cute little tins with precision cut foam inside
The company is very generous with giveaways. I especially like that about them.

Truthfully, I've only tried about four of their oils at this point, but I have joined their Oil of the Month Club.
For $15.99 a month, you receive a 15ml bottle of  Essential Oil monthly. There is a list of 12 oils for the 12 month duration. May's oil was Lavender, June's will be Melaleuca. You can't beat $15.99 for a 15ml bottle of quality Essential Oil.

So, if you're wanting to start on your journey with Essential Oils, but you just can't seem to swing the deal for the more pricey oils, you might go browse around over at Spark Naturals.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man's friend by hearty counsel. Proverbs 27:9


Necessity has always been the mother of invention in my life!

I think one reason I love the DIY world so much is because of my upbringing. I was raised deep in the country of East Texas, about a hour's drive from a decent store(we didn't drive 75 mph in those days). You didn't hop in the car and run down to WalMart every time you ran out of something. My little grandmother was married by the time she was 14, had a set of twins by age 16(lost one at birth), lived through the Great Depression with 5 little girls to feed and she NEVER, EVER wasted anything....EVER! A piece of string...don't throw that away! When clothing could no longer be patched, she took all the buttons off, put them in a jar, and cut the fabric up for quilt pieces. She took old jeans and made bags for the squirrel hunters to carry home their bounty. It was a way of life.

I think I'm digressing....
This blog is supposed to be about homemade dish detergent.

This is the one thing I've not used because I just couldn't find a recipe that didn't turn all gooey on me. My liquid hand soap turned out ok in the beginning, but when I tried to refill my dispenser, the glob in the jar was one long continuous stretch of gooey goo that looked like something an alien had left behind.

I'm not sure who posted this link on Facebook earlier this week, but I liked the sound of it and I especially liked the scientific explanation as to why you don't mix vinegar and castile soap.

I'm just posting her link for you to check it out for yourself. The only thing I added was some green food coloring because I do love all things green and my mason jar dispenser is clear and I always buy green detergent....and it's pretty and green. extra careful handling the jar, if you get soap on the outside, that jar gets awfully slippery. I spilled over half my detergent and had to make another batch. Thankfully, I spilled it in the sink which was filled with dirty dishes, so no big loss....lots of suds though. 

Thanks to Jerica over at  Sustain, Create and Flow for this great recipe.

Find Jerica's Soap Recipe here:   A Recipe for Homemade Dish Soap

Spark Naturals Memorial Day Special Offer

Check out this Special Memorial Day Weekend offer on Essential Oils from Spark Naturals.

With a $30 order, you can receive a FREE 5ml bottle of Wild Orange Essential Oil. Be sure and add the Wild Orange oil to your order, enter the code, "memorial" at checkout and get the Wild Orange completely FREE.

You an also use the additional coupon code "jillee" for 10% off the order.

I told you it was SPECIAL!

Essential Oils other words, just what are they anyway?

Like I said in my charter post, a year ago I had never even heard of Essential Oils. When I did, thought I could just run down to Wally World and buy a few bottles. I was wrong. What I bought was just fragrance oil and there is a great big difference in the two. If you're just hearing about Essential Oils and you are feeling just a tad overwhelmed, here's a good starting place. Let's find out just what they are, ok?

What is an Essential Oil?

History of Oils
Essential Oils are the naturally occurring volatile oils obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing (expression), having the characteristic aroma of the plant part from which it was derived. These 100% pure oils are “neat”, meaning they have not been processed, diluted or manipulated in any way with solvents or other additives. Although a particular species of plant, harvested and distilled for its essential oil during a particular growing season in a specific region, may produce a fragrance differing from the same species grown in a different region, but many of the main chemical markers and physical specifications may be very similar.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spark Naturals is giving away an Essential 4 Pack every day from May 15 through June 15. All you have to do is Blog, Facebook, Tweet or Instagram about Spark Naturals and send the link to  

To Blog or Not to Blog....that was the question!

So, here we very first venture into the world of blogging! I'm sitting here wondering how on earth do I get started? What do I say first? I realized I have no idea where to start, so I'll just jump in somewhere in the middle of the pool so to speak. I've been a little hesitant to blog because I didn't know if I would have the time, so I've been pondering this for a bit. I've been observing other blogs and I've realized that most people just go at their own pace, blogging when they can. I'm pretty sure I can handle that! 

First a bit about me. I am a 61 year old Mom, Mother and Momma(I have no idea why they all call me by different titles) and Nana. I have four children, two stepchildren and at last count, 20 grandchildren. I am married to a wonderful man who has been so patient with me in all my DIY endeavors these past few months. I am an ordained minister of the gospel, I love to teach the WORD of GOD more than anything in life. I live in the beautiful Piney Woods and rolling hills of Deep East Texas and I am trying to do my small part to make our world a safer, healthier and happier place for our children and grandchildren....our future, if you please!

This time last year, I had never heard of Essential Oils, making my own laundry detergent, or Pinterest....ahhhh. There's the culprit....Pinterest! I well remember the day my daughter said, "Mother, you have to go to Pinterest, I'm going to send you an invite."  My response? "Huh? Say what?"  Her reply, "Pinterest, you know....interest with a P in front of it." So began my journey into a complex but interesting world of DIY, Home Remedies, Essential Oils, Helpful Hints, Survival Tips, Inspirational quotes, (really, there is no stopping place here, you can find ANYTHING on Pinterest.)

I'm pretty sure my first major influence down this road was One Good Thing by Jillee. If there was a crown for the Queen of DIY, I'm certain you would find it on Jillee's head. It was there that I learned to make my own laundry detergent, fabric softener from hair conditioner, dryer balls from yarn and the list goes on...and on. 

From there I wandered over to visit Rebecca at Camp Wander, who just happens to be a sister to Jillee. Rebecca and Camp Wander introduced me to doTERRA Essential Oils  and I have not been the same since I received my first package in the mail. She has since then introduced us to another quality Essential Oil Company, Spark Naturals. I am a believer in Essential Oils! (Much more on those later) 

They have another sister named Dori whose blog is called Riches to Rags by Dori. Dori taught me to buy place mats at the Dollar Store and turn them into throw pillows. Dori also has a blog that has helped countless people with her Jeddy's Blend, an Essential Oil blend designed and developed by Dori to help with ADD/ADHD. It is doing wonders by the way. Hop on over and check it out for yourself!

You see what these girls have done to me? And they were just the beginning. There are so many wonderful people out there sharing their thoughts, ideas and wisdom on every facet of life imaginable.

I'm telling you....if you don't Interest with a need to. It will change your life....just pace yourself, ok?

Some of you are probably wondering why I've turned this original blog into a promotional for these three sisters. I didn't start out to do this, but I just wanted you to see that without people like these three who have taken time to share, I wouldn't be sitting here today writing this blog. There are a multitude of other bloggers out there doing the same and from time to time I will share some of their ideas. They're just too good not to share.

One more thought and then I'll hush. I have made some precious new friends since starting on this journey and I know there are so many, many more out there. GOD bless you all and thank you for being my new friends!

Now that's enough for today. You now know who I am, how I got to this place and why I do what I do.